There was a very interesting article in the Deseret News last Friday and the title really caught my interest:  “Studies say children subtract from happiness so how do we really feel?”

Researchers say that people who have children do not report being more happy than when they didn’t have children.  In fact, many times marital strive increases with children and decreases again when they are out of the home.  This article says, “Children restrict freedom. Children require sacrifice. Children require work.”  So why do people keep having children?

Well, there are hard things about being a parent, but when I hear my son laugh it’s pretty obvious why the sacrifice is worth it.  Yes, I now do not have as much freedom, yes I must sacrifice sleep, money, and a myriad of other things, and marital strife may be on the brink some days, but my husband and I agree that we have never been happier in our lives and we could never imagine our lives without our little boy.

Needless to say, the author of this article came to the same conclusion.  He talked about almost losing his little girl and said not once did he think, “I wish she never came so I don’t have to go through this or maybe I can get my social life back.”  We would do anything in the world for our kids and loving something that much is what makes life full.

My favorite quote from the article says, “”If it were simply about my own superficial happiness, then I would have pursued a career that gave me the most money and would have left me untethered to other people in such a way that I would be free to pursue momentary whims. But, if I had done that, all the things that matter most would not be in my life at all.””

We definitely agree that family matters most!  How lucky we are to realize what treasures we have!  What about being a parent makes you happy?

This is a wonderful article so here is the link:  Deseret News: Studies say children subtract from happiness, so what do we really feel?