I have a five month old son, and I am constantly thinking about how I can teach him to be the best person he can be, and hopefully an even better person than I am trying to be. With all of these constant thoughts, I still find my days full of THINGS.  What kind of things?  Well shopping, reading, cooking, cleaning, laughing, talking, calling, feeding, eating, ironing, driving, and the list of “ings” could go on forever!  Although some of these things are necessary, I have been thinking about whether I am doing the most important things.  Am I ever putting menial things that I think are important in the moment over things that will have much more beneficial long term affects.  Do I ever put a clean house over precious time rocking my baby to sleep?  Of course, cleaning the house must be done, I always want to try to put first things first.  If my kids want to talk, I always want to be available.  Hugs or kisses in our house will never be postponed.  I want to make these resolutions now so that I can continue to put first things first in the future.

Think about your family…Are you giving up what is most important for something of little worth?  Make a commitment today to put first things first!

If you want to read a great article on this subject, go to http://lds.org/general-conference/2007/10/good-better-best?lang=eng