Hello friends,

Welcome to playwithyourfamily.com!

I love to play!  All the time, no matter what.  So when it came to picking a major in college I decided I better go after something I am passionate about, PLAY.  Through studying recreation I came to understand all of the benefits that come with having fun.  I hope to share with you some of these findings that have changed my perspective on life.

My other love in life is family.  I feel that through family relationships we feel the most joy and pain.  Through strengthening family ties we are creating a better world.  And there is not better way to do that then through family recreation.

Now while I love the topic I am fully aware that I am not the worlds greatest expert on it.  But my friend Brittany had a different perspective, ”  I really think everyone has a wealth of knowledge about something if they will just tap into what they are passionate about because you develop your passions over your life. You are DEFINITELY a recreation and family pro just because you love it (not to mention all that other stuff!)”

Brittany is an amazing person.  She is full of love, friendship, truth, passion, and a whole lot of fun!  So together we are inviting you on our journey of connecting family and recreation to bring out more happiness.