So here is a great game you can play with your family called three spot.  All you need is a tube of very bright lipstick and lots of people ready to have fun!  Everyone starts out in a circle and one person starts (we will call them Person #1).  Person #1 turns to the family member to their left (we will call them Person #2 etc.) and says “Hi Bob”.  Person #2 says “Yes Bob?” and Person #1 says “Tell Bob.”  Then Person #2 turns to Person #3 and says “Hi Bob.”  Person #3 says “Yes Bob?”  Then Person #2 says “Tell Bob.”  This sequence keeps going around the circle in perfect sequence until someone makes a slip likes stutters or says “Hi Bob” back instead of “Yes Bob?”  Once someone makes a mistake they get a big red lipstick spot on their cheek.  They are now “One Spot” and you can no longer call them Bob.  So as the person to the right of them begins, they will say, “Hi One Spot.”  “Yes Bob?”  “Tell Bob.”  They then turn to their left and say, “Hi Bob.”  And Bob says, “Yes One Spot?” and they say “Tell Bob.”  If a person messes up again they are now “Two Spot” with a lipstick spot on each cheek.  If they mess up a third time they are now “Three Spot” with a lipstick spot on their nose.  And if they mess up again, they are out and get to be a referee!  So near the end of the game you may hear:  “Hi Two Spot.”  “Yes One Spot?”  “Tell Three Spot.”  “Hi Three Spot.”  “Yes Two Spot.”  “Tell Two Spot”  “Hi Two Spot.”  and you get the idea!  This game is hilarious and by the end everyone is rolling on the floor (with spots all over their face.)