Ok, so here are some ideas of things you can do with your family!  Pick one and make a commitment to do it this week!!!

  1. Visit a Museum
  2. Visit historical sights and talk about the important events that happened there.
  3. Learn about a culture and make food from that country or taste that food at a local restaurant.
  4. Work on a hobby together. (scrapbooking, collecting, models)
  5. Play a sport together (football, soccer, basketball)
  6. Play catch
  7. Challenge another family to a basketball game.
  8. Play Frisbee
  9. Go skateboarding
  10. Play Ping Pong
  11. Exercise together
  12. Jump Rope
  13. Go swimming
  14. Go fishing
  15. Have a water fight.
  16. Jump on a trampoline.
  17. Help your child learn a new talent. (play a musical instrument, mechanics, woodworking)
  18. Cook something together.
  19. Help your child practice a talent they already have.
  20. Check out local college or high school sports schedules and attend an event together.
  21. Check out lesser known sports like field hockey, rugby, or lacrosse. Learn the rules and attend the event.
  22. Play on playground equipment together.
  23. Do ice cream sculpting with blocks of ice cream.
  24. Play kids games with your family like “Red Rover”, Dodge Ball, tag, hopscotch, marbles.
  25. Dip food in melted chocolate.