So many sources today steal time away from our families.  They try to get our children to place priority and trust in the wrong places such as media or popularity.  As wonderful as it is to have friends, what our kids really need are great FAMILIES where they know they will be safe and loved.  The home needs to be where our children learn important lessons and make decisions so they will feel confident with themselves and their ability to make good choices when they are not in the home.  Knowing this, family time should be our number one goal. With all of the temptations our children face it is essential that we make time to teach important lessons, but how do we fit them in?


This is the perfect answer because we can teach while we play. Family recreation is crucial to developing healthy relationships and cohesive communication in our families. Research suggests that recreation is one of the most important forces in developing strong family relationships.

Let me list a few reasons why:

1.  Recreation helps to take the spotlight off of one person and lets you look at your family as a whole. This will help children to look at the bigger picture and not be as selfish in their interactions with others.

2.  Kids need your TIME.  Do anything with your kids!!! (Color, play basketball, go on a walk, build a lego tower!) Just your time lets them know that they are important and loved by you.

3.  Playing together is a different way to relate to each other and puts everyone on the same level while still being able to enjoy everyone’s differences.

4.  I like to say:  The way people play is the way they treat their day. If you think about how you play a game, like scrabble for instance, you probably show many of your personal characteristics in the way that you play. Are you competitive, a sore loser, do you congratulate others when they do well? If you do, this is probably part of your every day personality. If you watch yourself and your children play a game, many times you can see positive and negative things in each personality. Bringing them up while playing is a perfect non-threatening way to work on important character strengths.

There are many more reasons that make family recreation important, but hopefully we have you hooked!

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