I just finished reading an article about 2 brothers who were severely injured in a power line accident.  Both brothers’ injury led to amputation of their arms/ hands.   While they admit that they have many ups and downs, they dream of a day where they can again play basketball together.

This article reminded me of my time working at Baylor Rehab Hospital.  I met so many inspirational people who were just realizing the effects their injury would have on the rest of their life.

In my experience, after the desire to walk and feed themselves again, an injured person would desire to learn how to participate in the recreational hobbies that they were enjoying before the accident.

I pondered this while we worked together to learn ways to adapt.  Some were thrilled that they could still participate in basketball, just from a wheelchair.  Others had a harder time coping and went through serious anger before trying an adaptive sport.

Whatever the case I learned that our hobbies are an important part of who we are.  Simply stated, it makes us happy.  I think all of you can think understand why  based on your own experiences.