I love cooking. I think it’s one of those things that gets me in the “zone” or what a certain psychologist likes to call “Flow”. It makes me so happy and I want to make sure I pass this love off to my children. My little boy loves to chew on the spatula while I cook so I feel I’m doing pretty good so far! :) With Easter coming up I thought it would be a perfect time to challenge you to cook with your kids. one of my favorite cooking blogs is
Our Best Bites and the other day they taught you how to make little chick cupcakes for Easter. I thought it was perfect for parents to do with their children.

Chicky Cupcakes

I actually think you can learn a lot from cooking. All the ingredients might be alright by themselves, but when combined they turn into something amazing. This could be compared to working together as a family. You know the saying…”five heads are better then one…” or something like that. :)
Cook Chicky Cupcakes or another Easter treat with your kids this week!