Well, with the weather changing and summer coming there are so many different things to do and ways to play! I thought we needed to continue with our list of ideas so here are 25 new things to do with your family:
1. Skip rocks on a lake or catch bugs.
2. Visit a city council meeting.
3. Discuss the responsibilities of being a good citizen.
4. Learn about the Constitution.
5. Take your family to the library. Get library cards and check out the programs they have there.
6. Check out local cultural events.
7. Learn to play a new game like chess or a card game.
8. Go out for ice cream and pizza.
9. Make cookies and deliver them to someone’s house.
10. Go visit an elderly person you know. Have your family prepare a song to sing for them.
11. Cook a meal together including buying the materials, cooking, and cleaning up.
12. Build a bonfire and have tinfoil dinners.
13. Go on a hike.
14. Read a story together.
15. Watch a movie with good morals and talk about the lesson you learned.
16. Have a family show and tell with items that are important to you.
17. Talk about your child’s goals and dreams. Make a plan with them to achieve a short term goal.
18. Explore the community on bikes.
19. Pack a picnic lunch and eat it at the park.
20. Research local political candidates and get your kids involved in a worthwhile campaign.
21. Bake bread, cookies, or other goodies from scratch.
22. Fly a kite.
23. Better yet, build a kite.
24. Attend local fairs, parades, and festivals.
25. Make cards for special occasions. (birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s day)
Introducing your children to new activities helps them to build social skills, confidence, knowledge, and a myriad of other benefits. Pick one new activityand make a commitment to do it with your family this week!!! What are you going to do?