After this last weekend I just had to post about my favorite toy ever…..the fun-noodle. You know the ones people take into the pool, but there are so many other uses for the noodle. I recently have cut it into three and it makes such a fun play toy for my little guy. Plus, it’s just right to fit under his little arms when I help him try to swim in the pool.

When playing with large groups, the fun-noodle can be cut down to make a long tag stick. This is a great extension when you are playing tag and this way, people are less likely to get hurt. It’s also fun when you play “blind tag” where you have one person blindfolded and another person telling them where to go. The person who is “it” is also blindfolded and they have the piece of fun-noodle. Their partner lets them know where to go in order to tag someone else. This is a perfect trust activity where you can discuss trusting each other, and also the different voices in our lives and how to distinguish the right voices!