As a child, I thought I could do anything in the world. I still don’t think too far from those lines, knowing of course that doing anything could take extremely hard work. I believe I owe a ton of this confidence to my parents. Whenever I participated in something I was “the best one out there!” I looked great, sang all the notes just right, and if I worked hard enough they always told me I could be or do whatever I wanted. They always assured me that no one even noticed I tripped over the box, everyone forgets the words sometimes, and again and again encouraged that what ever happens, never give up. I know it is so important to support our children, and let them know that we believe in them to go after their dreams. In an article by Glenn Hascall he discusses this same concept. He brings up the point that,

“Perhaps the reason it is so much easier to squash dreams is that it takes very few negative comments to convince a child that they should give up, but it takes repeated affirmations to convince a child that they really could do something special.”

As parents, we need to make sure to bring our children up, remind then that they are good, and encourage them to work hard to go after their dreams. (Even if their dreams seem to change on a daily basis. In the words of Glenn,

“One of the roles of parent is cheerleader, so get out the pompoms, there are dreams to nurture.”