Alright, no offense to anyone who happens to love this particular Easter candy but I think Peeps are SO gross! I find it funny that they are everywhere during Easter, yet I also agree that no Easter basket would truly be complete without them. They are really cute! So, I’ve decided to put my creative juices together and come up with a list of fun things to do with Easter Peeps. (None of those items on my list will include eating them….haha)
Easter Peeps
1. Play catch the Peep in the Nest (create your own nest and have a game to see who can toss the most peeps into the nest from a certain point.)
2. Make Easter nests (like rice crispy treats) and place a little peep on top
3. Make a Peep Easter Wreath
Peep Wreath
4. Play hide and seek with a peep (you hide the peep and your kids have to find it)
5. Have a peep toss (like an egg toss but not as messy)
6. Guess how many seconds it will take for a peep to grow to twice it’s size in the microwave (um…potentially really messy)
7. See who can make the tallest peep tower with peeps and toothpicks!
8. Play chubby bunny with peeps! (Ewe…please don’t swallow!) Click on the link for hilariously serious instructions!
9. Create funny scenarios or comics with your peeps.
Peep Comic
10. Re-gift them to someone who likes them. (Good luck!)