With every game I look at in my cupboard there is a flash of a memory.  Some have a flood of memories.  I love that about board games.  Somehow holding the pieces, writing with the 3 inch pencils and feeling the glossy covering on the board brings a connection to many giggling moments shared before.

I remember playing Clue over and over with my 2 older sisters.  Somehow I think they learned the tricks of winning faster than I did, so when I did win I think it was with a little help.  I always wanted to be Mrs. Scarlet because she was the prettiest.

My husband has memories of spending hours playing Monopoly at his grandparents house.  I never really got into that one.

I spent the last 2 weeks at my sister’s house and several times a day we were either playing skipbo, uno, wits and wagers, ticket to ride, or best of all, the board games her son made up with Legos.

I love the competition and the sense of victory, but most of all I love that everyone is focused on one thing and everyone is together.  That is the real prize.

I liked the idea that Alan Wallers shared about board games or card games that are quick and easy to learn. He says “A family that plays together and laughs together has a better chance of staying together.” However he realizes that in our society everyone has busy schedules and it is hard to set aside time for games with the family.

“All our games are designed to be learned in less than five minutes and to be played in 10-30 minutes,” Waller said. “Families of today do not have the time to invest in lengthy games that take hours to learn and days to play.”

I love that idea.  It is doable for anyone with a desire to play a 15 min game with their kids at night.  That laughter shared can go a long way.