Family is just the best! I was able to fly up to visit my family this week and it was so fun to be together. As I was chatting with my mom and brother, they were telling me a about a recent road trip they had gone on to Northern California. I don’t know if you have ever taken this trip from Utah to Nor Cal, but it is SOOOOOO long and boring. I was asking them what they did to pass the time, and they told me about this favorites game they made up:
One person chooses a category and then they each try and guess the other person’s favorite. Here are some examples of what you could ask:
Favorite Food?
Ice cream flavor?
Subject in school?
Favorite place you would like to travel?
Favorite shirt?
Favorite Memory?
Favorite Car?
Favorite Season?
Candy Bar?
Favorite Date?
Favorite place to go when you need to think?
Favorite Movie?
Favorite Artist?
Sport or other recreation activity?

And the list could really go on forever, right?
I love this game because it not only passes the time, but helps family members get to know each other. Whenever you ask your kids questions you are really telling them that you love them and care enough to know the little details in their lives. I’ve used a similar game in therapy that I outline in my book, Play Together, Stay Together, to help open up communication between family members. The kids always have fun, learn new things, and sometimes realize their parents are a little more like them than they realized. So give it a try with your child, spouse, parent, anyone you want to get to know better.
What’s your favorite?