My heart is so full this week with the blessing of being a mother. Sunday I woke up feeling so blessed that I could have the most important job of raising, loving, teaching, and protecting one of God’s little angel’s. I love being a mom, even when the going get’s tough.

I have recently been extremely touched by one mom in particular. She goes to my church and on Sunday I saw this mom in a beautiful dress with a cute little necklace with little plastic beads and cut out paper hearts around it. I’m sure this mom was sporting her Mother’s Day present and I LOVED it. Wouldn’t it be great if we all took no care as to what other people thought and just did what was best for our kids. This mom knows what it means to be a mother. I also happen to know that this particular mother has given her life for her kids. Her first baby girl was born with a rare genetic disease that affects every organ system in her body. The last ten years with this special spirit I am sure have been the most trying, with trips innumerable trips to the hospital, the challenge of raising two other children, and always being on the brink of losing her precious child, I believe she stands as an amazing example of faith. Whenever I see her, she is bright and has such a hope for the future of her family. She is happy and doing all she can to be the best mother she can be for her kids. She truly reminds me that motherhood is the work of God. I know many of us are faced with difficult times as we try to raise our incredible children in a world with many imperfections. I am so grateful to mothers and women who persevere through the trials in their lives, doing the best that they can with the realization of how important their work really is.
Jeffrey R. Holland, an apostle of the Lord, discusses the vital and God-like role that mother’s play. On days that are particularly hard, I love this message that speaks of the importance of mothers and the love and help that God has promised to give us: