Let’s face it, who can’t resist to laugh at a snort.  I’m sure you know one of those people who snort when they laugh (my six month old son included) and whenever they snort you can’t stop yourself from laughing even harder and then they keep laughing and snorting and you keep laughing and pretty soon you are both rolling on the floor!  Yes, you’ve been there haven’t you.  Well, this game is perfect for families or large groups to break the ice.  It is appropriately named:

Oink Piggy Oink

The point of the game is to guess the “oinker” (yes this is a word, although I may have just created it).  There are a few different ways to play, but I will explain two:

Family:  If you are with your family, pick someone to be blindfolded.  Have them sit in a chair and have the rest of the family devise a plan.  One person will go up to (let’s say Dad is going first) Dad and Dad will say, “Oink Piggy Oink.”  The person on his lap will then give three swift snorts and Dad will have to guess who is oinking.  Since you probably have family members of different sizes you can just stand in front of the person in the chair so they won’t have any hints.  If Dad guessed right, the person oinking gets to be blindfolded next.  If he guesses wrong, another person gives it a try.

Large Group:  If playing this game with a large group you can blindfold half of the group or just have on person at a time blindfolded in the middle of the circle.  Take turns oinking and have them guess who it is.  If they guess right they can switch to the oinking team.  If they guess wrong they must stay on the sitting team.

Believe me, this game will leave all the little piggies rolling on the floor!  So why would you play this game?……Well, this is a perfect way to break down barriers in your family.  This may never happen in your family, but sometimes tensions can run high, kids or parents might be a little frustrated, and you may just need a way to foster some kind communication in order to solve a problem.  Playing a game like this can do just that.  Please tell me if you find someone who didn’t at least smile during this game.                    It’s THAT good!