Ok, some of you reading this might be going, whoa Brittany, getting a little crazy with her posts, but hear me out. Many years ago, ok I’m not THAT old, but a few years ago I went to this seminar where I was able to listen to a ton of amazing speakers. I remember one speaker in particular who’s theme was to Slap Some SAS! Now you could probably come up with some very creative things that this abbreviation could stand for but in this case it is:


Now in my family, this was an art. But my form of this art was not so much actually making it secret. My art was pretending I were trying to make it secret while really striving to make myself known but making it look like I didn’t want anyone else to know. Anyways, I was amazing at this, but my brother was especially amazing at doing things for people in secret. He continues to help others and think of different ways he can make lives easier by doing things for other people. He is the first person to offer to help someone in need, and is also very happy.

Service has a way of making everyone happy, the giver and the receiver. I remember my mom having this poster that said:

“Love who you serve who you love who you serve….”

It went in a circle and I think the message is still very true. You learn to love who you are serving and if you love someone, you should serve them. Service is a perfect way to strengthen our families. Saying “I love you” is very important, but showing “I love you” is just as crucial.
Yesterday my husband came home with these two treats:

Alone, they may not look like anything special, but combined together, they create one of my very favorite treats! A self discovered copy of the best frozen drink I’ve ever had when I was living in Pennsylvania. This treat is especially special because I have yet to find one store that sells Icee’s plus soft serve so you have to go to two, and quickly so they don’t melt. Sometimes when I am feeling frustrated with someone, if I can possibly muster it which is occasionally impossible, I try to serve the person. Whether it is making their bed (obviously my husband), making them a special treat (also my husband, haha, ok I really don’t get mad that often), writing them a note, folding the laundry (hint, hint) or even just giving them a hug. Slapping some SAS around your house is definitely a great way to strengthen your family!!!