I was brainstorming with my cousin today about games that you could use to build relationships with a group and I was reminded of one of my favorite games simply titled:  

The Tarp Drop

I love it because you don’t need anything but a tarp or blanket and every time I’ve played everyone ends up laughing and having a great time!  This is especially fun with a large group like a youth group or even a family reunion.  Split the group into two and have them sit facing each other.  Have two people help you by holding a large tarp or blanket in between the two group so they cannot see each other.  Have each group secretly select a member to go up to the tarp.  On the count of three, have the helpers drop the tarp.  The opposing team members who have come up to the tarp then have to yell the name of the person standing in front of them before that person yells their name. It can get pretty loud and pretty hilariou s, but is perfect for a group getting to know each other and even works with family who just wants to have fun!  Just finding time to laugh with your family helps everyone to feel comfortable with each other.  It also gives you common ground and lets your kids know you like having fun with them.  This is crucial in developing healthy relationships and positive communication within the family.