Coat Of Arms

Unity.  Every family is different but there are certain things that unite every family.  So why not talk about what those things are with your family and create a coat of arms.

I found this idea at  Mark Hobbins from FamilyIQ said it best.  “Families can create greater family loyalty and influence positive behavior by family members when the family has identified their own Family Brand and Logo. A Family Brand consists of the most important values that a family commits to and then actually lives by.”

Ok so I decided to try it.  I sat down with my husband and daughter and we decided on the values and themes that are most important to us.  It was a little hard to just pull this stuff out of a hat, but now it is on our mind and we can continue to revise and change our coat of arms according to our family circumstances.

“The values that a family develops are traditionally the foundation for how children learn, grow, and function in the world. These values can be associated with a symbol that is recognized and understood by all family members. A family’s identified values and symbol(s) constitute the family’s unique family brand.”

So this is our Briggs family Brand.  It was so easy to make and now it is hanging on our wall.

Make your own coat of arms at

Briggs Coat Of Arms

We decided that our four guiding values are:

  • Generosity
  • Virtue
  • Christ
  • Unity