I had a great time reading this article on the best advice dad gave. Dad’s do give the best advice, don’t they? I love thinking about the importance of a dad.  They are irreplaceable.

Count your blessings, faith first, a soft answer turneth away wrath… and other principles I remember my dad lecturing on, but most of all I remember his advice by the way he lived.  He was an example of service, generosity, diligence, enthusiasm, hard work, belief, and I could go on and on.

But I want to talk about the ways that my dad made me (and my siblings) feel special:

  • He had personal interviews with us, asking about our friends, our school work, our daily habits.
  • He took us on the greenbelt every Saturday to ride our bikes down town.
  • He would decorate our lockers on the first day of school, or leave us our favorite treat.
  • He would write us notes with his signature smiley face at the bottom.
  • The second Tuesday of the month was daddy daughter date night.  Each of us would take turns spending one on one time with dad.
  • He made us breakfast in the mornings.
  • He would wake up early and read scriptures with one of his kids for a full year.
  • He supported us in our different activities.

What does your dad do to make you feel special?