family fishing trip



So I went fishing yesterday.  As I was sitting there at the water’s edge I started wondering what about fishing is so relaxing (even when you bring a 2 year old and a one year old).  Is it because you are surrounded by God’s creations or because fishing is a slow sport that does not require much movement? Scott Moser, in trying to prove his theory on the piscatorial benefits of fishing, commented that few people know an anxious fishermen.  “This is presumed to be because the activity integrates low-impact physical exercise (as long as you’re not catching marlin) with mental relaxation and social camaraderie.”

I saw nature work it’s wonders on my one year old daughter as it always does.  When she was a tiny baby all we had to do to calm her down was take a step outside.  Yesterday my daughter and I felt the same sweet calm of being outside.

There are many different ideas about the benefits of fishing.  Some say it is a ,”thoroughly innovative and scientifically proven method of therapy for a wide variety of ailments and general health promotion.”  With that same belief two Scottish Hospitals are taking their patients fishing once a week because they recognize the therapeutic benefits.  “They predicted that tranquil and calm environment would definitely relax patients.  Additionally, it would also lessen the feeling of stigma that grips many patients. “

In Fort Conner Texas a group of wounded army soldiers were taken on a community fishing outing.  Some were in wheelchairs and others were coping with brain damage but no matter what the restriction they were treated like family and enjoyed the camaraderie that comes with fishing.  “The event helped introduce me to being around a lot of people at once again,” says Jason Elman, who caught a speckled trout. Ed Bailey adds, “The minute we stepped on the boat, they treated us like family.”