I think that one of the best ways to get your kids to like something that is usually not fun is to make a game out of it.  I think my mom went to some secret special training on this because she is amazing at it!!!  I’ve tried to find the training but have had to resort to making up my own games.  I’m sure you have all played the alphabet game in the car, if not you should read this post.  Anyways, I made up an alphabet game in the store.  Have your kids start by finding something that starts with the letter A like artichoke, apple, applesauce, art supplies, apple fritters, apple juice, Apple Jacks…. Once they do this go to B and so on and see if they can get all the way to Z by the end of your shopping trip.  Depending on ages of your kids, have them work together or each have a separate list and compete against each other.  This is also a great game to teach your kids that anything can be fun with the right attitude!  You could even do this yourself when you get bored (I won’t tell!)  It could end up being your best grocery trip ever!

P.S. We are doing a book giveaway of Play Together Stay Together on Monday so make sure to stay tuned for instructions on how to get in on the fun!