• Surround the ping pong table with people.
  • Drop ping pong on table.
  • Try and keep the ping pong from falling off the portion of the table you are to guard.
  • Try and blow the ping pong ball to the other side of the table.

I have to admit that I am not the creator of this game.  My friend Em taught me. I guess this is a popular game that her mom came up with one night.  I love that, mom’s coming up with games to keep their kids happy and entertained.

Group of College Kids Playing Ping Pong Pucky Around Ping Pong Table.

Ping Pong Pucky With Friends

I apologize that most of the pictures I have of us playing these games are with groups of adults and not families.  I know this is a family blog right? But as it is I only have 1 child at this point in my life.  So I play alot with siblings or friends.  But pretty much everything we post is of course family friendly.

  • Ok all you do is gather around a ping pong table, long table, counter, smooth floor space, tramp, or whatever you can come up with.
  • Then you divide out an equal amount of edge space to all of the players.  (Like if you have 12 people around a ping pong table you would put 2 players on each short end and 4 on each long end.  This divides the space up pretty evenly.  When you get down to 4 players everyone would take a corner.)
  • Then you put a ping pong ball in the middle and blow it around.  You can not use anything but the air you blow with your lungs!
  • If the ball falls off the table in your area, you are out.
  • Then you re-divide up the space and start again.
  • It can get pretty tiring when there are only a few people left.

So what? This is a game that a family with many different ages can be on the same playing field.  It also has an element of competition and challenge at the same time.  It gets your moving and laughing together.  I also like it because it crosses the boundaries of how close you normally get to a person.  Sometimes you are cheek to cheek blowing the ball into the other person’s space.  Come on lets get comfortable with each other.

Group of College Kids Playing Ping Pong Pucky Around Ping Pong Table.

Ping Pong Pucky at Kib and Lisa Jensen's House