Family Reunion Games

Games At Family ReunionsThis past week we were at a family reunion and one of the days we did a ropes course!  I LOVE this idea because it’s not only fun, it brings you together as a family.  We played a ton of new games. I can’t wait for the family nerf gun-a-thon, everyone get your nerf guns on amazon.

The game that I am so excited to share but one of my favorites is the Standing Roller Coaster.

What You Need:

All you need is a large rope (climbing ropes work the best) tied in a circle.  Your knot must be tight so people can’t undo it by pulling on it.  I would suggest tying a double fisherman’s knot with a great tutorial here on how to tie it.

Have everyone hold onto the rope standing in a circle, with their feet firmly planted on the ground.

The Rules Are:

  • You cannot move your feet.
  • You cannot let go of the rope.
  • You cannot fall on the ground.  (Only your hands can touch the ground if you can get back up without letting go.)

Family Reunion Games with RopesOn “go” everyone starts moving the rope to try and fling other people off.  The last person standing wins!!!

The game is such a blast!  It is fun for the whole family and a great way to get everyone laughing.  After doing a few competitions we did a girls competition and a boys competition which was a fun way to mix things up.

So What?  Sometimes when you are going to get ready to do a difficult task it is easier when you start off by getting everyone comfortable and at ease.  This is a great “norming” game because it gets everyone on the same level and can set up your family to be in a positive mindset before you jump into a difficult discussion, task, or challenge.  Not to mention all the great benefits of just laughing as a family!!!