How To Build A Fort

Beckett Builds A Fort

Oh, building a fort! What great memories I have of trying to create the biggest fort in the world when I was growing up.  My siblings and I would gather all of the blankets in the house, tall chairs, anything we could use as a weight, rope, and go to town. Building the fort was actually much better than actually playing in it.

It took hours and luckily my mom didn’t mind that eventually something probably would end up being broken in the building process despite our best effort. We were always so proud of our fort in the end and we loved taking pictures and showing off our masterpiece.

Beckett Plays in His Fort

Recently I decided to see if my little man would take to fort building. Of course ours was more like a little tunnel. And as you can see, he took more to tasting the fort than anything, but he did love going in and out and in and out. (Plus, I had fun building it, but don’t tell anybody!)

Build a Ti Pi

 If your kids are a little bit bigger I found some really great forts. I loved this idea of making a TP outside. I even saw some pictures of kids learning how to make emergency shelters. What a fun way to teach them some important skills!!!

I also loved this fort made completely of boxes. Being in the middle of a move ourselves, it sure beats packing! What a great, and FREE, way to get your kids to have fun for hours.

I even found this great idea to make a fort kit as a birthday present!  What kid wouldn’t want to tear it open and make it right away?

So What: Working and making decisions together is sometimes hard for kids. Sharing is definitely a learned skill, and we need to give our kids opportunities to learn to make decisions with others.

Fort Made of Boxes

Building something is the perfect opportunity because each person probably has their own idea of what would make the best fort. By letting them work together to accomplish this (and sometimes adding a little
needed mediation), they can compromise and learn to take others’ opinions. I know some adults (myself included) that might even benefit from some fort building time :)