Rock Paper Scissors

We call it Kai, Bai, Boe (because it sounds that much more exciting when you yell it at your opponent and because that is how you say it in Korean where I fell in love with the game.)

I have played this in 2 different ways.


  • Print out a double elimination bracket with however many people will be in the game.  Or you could make a big poster size one, that would be fun.
  • Find a partner and go at it.  We usually do best out of three.
  • Do I really need to explain how to play Rock, Paper Scissors?  If you have questions check out wikipedia.
  • I love this because it can be played in 10 min or it can be an all day activity in between other things that are going on.


  • Find a partner and play Rock Paper Scissors.  Again best out of three.
  • If you loose you hold on to the back of the person that won.
  • Together you two find another group of two and the front person plays the other front person (did you get that?).
  • If you loose you and the person holding on to your back both go to the back of the group that won.  So you will all be lining up in a single file line.
  • Then your group finds another group.  I love this because you literally have a built-in crowd to cheer the front person on.
  • You obviously try to be the one that has everyone behind you.  But before then it is fun to try to be the group that gets the biggest.  This means you have to play your games fast and go!

So what?  This game can involve a family of all ages and sizes.  I claim it is a game of complete luck (probably because I loose a lot.)  My husband on the other hand thinks it involves a great amount of skill.  Either way the three-year old is at the same level as the sixteen year old.  It is healthy to get your kids on the same playing level.  It destroys hierarchy and gives the little ones some confidence.

There is a lot more to say about Rock Paper Scissors.  Like is it a good way to solve disputes?  And how to add another level of intensity to the game.  But we will save that excitement for next time.