Well, with it being 110 here in sunny Arizona.  All I can think about is water.  Being in the water, drinking water, being sprayed with water……as long as it has to do with water, I’m in.  So I thought it only appropriate to post a game that has to do with water:

Water Balloon Volleyball

This is one of my favorite games, and it’s really is fun for all ages.  Get two or three or four sheets, depending on how many teams you want, and split everyone into teams.  Have each team surround their sheet and pick it up with everyone evenly around it.  Have the teams start about ten feet apart and throw a water balloon into the first team’s sheet.  Then that team dips down and launches the water balloon into the air toward the other team.  The other team then catches the balloon, giving it some cushion or it will pop, and then throw it to the next team.

You can play this in two ways depending on what you want your group to focus on.  If you make goals with your family to see how many times you can toss it back and forth, your family will be working with each other as a whole team to try not to pop the balloon.  If you want the teams to feud then if a team misses the balloon or throws it way too far, the other team gets a point.

So What:  I love this game because it’s a blast but also because it requires everyone to work together and communicate.  It’s surprisingly hard to get the balloon to go very far if you don’t all go up and down together.  Some groups count to three, others follow a leader, but some form of togetherness must be established.  This kind of communication is crucial in families.  We need to be able to know what everyone is doing in order to best support each other.  Families who feel like they can work together to accomplish things give their kids much more confidence to work with others and problem solve!