Chores For Kids - Play With Your FamilyI knew this title might get you interested!  I remember my mom making us do chores growing up.  We actually had cleaning music.  It was the Les Miserables sound track and whenever we heard it, we knew it was time to clean.  My mom would then write all the chores on slips of paper and we would take turns picking a chore until all the chores were evenly dispersed.

Surprisingly, she never had a problem coming up with another chore if there wasn’t an even number. :)  We didn’t mind doing chores as much because we got to be part of the choosing process.  We were able to decide what we wanted to do and at the end we could even trade.  Being the oldest, I am sure I always got the best chores because I could convince my siblings they didn’t want them.  I was a stinker, I’ll admit!

I was talking to a friend, Anne, the other day and she was telling me how her mother, who worked outside of the home, got her seven kids to do chores.  Before she left for work every day she would leave a list of things to do for her kids.  But, lest you think this is way too simple, this was no ordinary list.  The compilation looked something like the list below.

Add Some Play To Your List Of Chores:

  • 1.  Make your bed.
  • 2. Run around the kitchen table seven times.
  • 3.  Vacuum the living room.
  • 4.  Do 18 jumping jacks.
  • 5.  Clean the mirrors.
  • 6.  Run out to the backyard and do 5 somersaults.
  • 7.  Brush your teeth and get dressed.
  • 8.  Write a nice note to one of your siblings.  :)

This mom not only wanted the chores done, she wanted to help her kids have fun and not just sit around the house all day!   Anne said that they always did everything on the list and never skipped anything because somehow her mom would always know if they did.  I also LOVE how she combined fun and work.  I bet her kids didn’t even notice they were cleaning half the time!  Thanks for the idea Anne!