“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”  Wow, was Plato a smart guy!  :)
Our family has made a temporary move to the Washington DC area and we are loving all of our new adventures!!!  The best part is all of the new ideas that we are seeing and get to share with all of you. Today we took a little trip to the Smithsonian Museum of American History and our favorite part was: SCIENCE! I don’t know about you, but when I was a little kid, I still remember the first time I put a hanky full of baking soda in a bottle full of vinegar, quickly screwed the lid on and watched in amazement as the bottle top exploded. Just doesn’t get any better…right?

Well, one of the exhibits in the science department was:
They discussed a type of play called Exploratory Play.  “Experimenting with materials and pushing their limits encourages us to consider a wide range of possibilities when problem solving.  Playing around with objects and ideas helps us see that there may be more than one solution.”

This exhibit showed how our thinking is shaped through the things we play with as kids.  Here we are just loving it!

They asked this question:  What is your favorite toy?

They then brought up different people who became a professional in something they enjoyed playing as a kid.  I enjoyed reading about was Frank Lloyd Wright who loved playing with building blocks as a boy.  They discussed engineers who were glued to erector’s sets and an astrophysicist who loved his toy telescope.

It’s fun to think about the things you did as a kid that may have been a little window into your future….Anyone want to share?

As for your kids, let them explore, invent, and experiment!  They might just be shaping their future!