The older I become the more I cherish the stories and guidance of older generations.  As I have experiences as a mother, I learn that in most cases my mother was right and I have come to truly cherish her wisdom.

We have recently had the opportunity to visit a lot of family and have had some very special visits with my son’s grandparents and great grandparents.  I love seeing them with my little guy and feel like they know more than most of us about how to cherish every moment.  Here is a pic of my son with his Great-Grandma:

I have had lots of opportunities to chat with my great grandparents and love hearing their stories.  My grandmother always tells one about her brother moving the outhouse back a few feet so the person coming in next would fall down the whole.  Although I’ve heard it many times, it always makes me laugh.  One time I remember asking my grandpa questions about raising kids.  He told me a story about my dad that I learned a lot from.  He had bought my dad and his older brother a set of bows and arrows.  He told them they were not to shoot anyone or they would be taken away.  Well, of course little boys will be little boys and soon they were shooting arrows at their neighbor friend’s feet.  Seeing this my grandpa came out to the boys where the neighbor promptly told him what they boys were doing to him.  He turned and asked his sons if they were shooting arrows at that boy.  They lied and said “no”, so he turned to the boy and said, “Sorry son, my boys would not lie,” and went back in the house.  Although I felt sorry for the neighbor boy at first, my grandpa was sending his boys a strong message of what he expected of them and I think of that story when I think about the expectations I want my children to know I hold for them.

Learning from your family is an invaluable experience.  I love the article by John H. Groberg on keeping a personal and family history.  He states:

“As we contemplate what those before us have gone through that we might be here, as we sense their faith and courage and feel their love for us and our love for them, we realize what is really important. We begin to comprehend the eternity of the family. We gain great insight into the things of God, and we are not the same. We talk and act differently—for we have a deepened understanding of eternity. We realize that so-called problems are only what we see when we take our eye off our eternal goal.”

I truly think we can be greatly blessed by learning from the “oldies” (My mom will love being called that!  haha)  We can definitely gain perspective, learn from mistakes, and gain strength from knowing our roots and what sacrifices have been made for us to be where we are today.

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