Steadman Water Slide And Farm Raft River Idaho

What in the world is in Raft River, Idaho?  Well let me tell you…. a family recreation dream!  My whole family gathered at this tiny, not on the map town for some serious family fun.  The Steadman family lives in Raft River, Idaho and has opened their home and farm to good families who need some get away time together.  Why?  Because they believe in families and know that families grow closer together when they play together.

I just have to give a shout out to this marvelous family.  They do not charge anyone to stay in their yard and they are more than welcoming to the family, friends and strangers that file in and out daily.


So these water slides are like the length of 2 football fields.  Plus they have an intense zip line, a sweet mud pit, a kid friendly sand box, picnic tables, fire pit, swings, trampoline, waterfall, golfing T, a place to get rowdy with paint guns, and of course the amazing candy cannon.  I mean what will they think of next.

Sincerely I just love families that support other families and believe in good ol’ family play!  Thanks again!

For reservations call (208) 349-5722.

The Steadman’s are taking reservations up to 2013.