Summer At Grandma’s House

For the last month I’ve been together with my entire family. We only get to do this once a year so we’ve all been playing our hearts out!  But may I assure you that I have been PLAYING like crazy.  It has felt so much like the summers of my childhood only now I am the mom and I am seeing childhood through the eyes of my daughter and nieces and nephews.  Isn’t summer just magical?  I am sad to see it go.

I have been pondering what memories the cousins are going to have of summer days spent at Grandma’s house.  When they think of grandma’s house will they be able to smell, fresh-cut grass and bon-fires?  Will they taste Creamies and homemade cookies?  Will they feel water splashing, walnuts under their feet and water skippers jumping in their hands?  Will they think of going to the water park and the movies and camping or will it be more memories of riding bikes on the driveway and grandma bouncing them on her lap?

Games At Grandma’s House

Some things I know I will not forget about the last 3 weeks are:

  • Sleepovers on the tramp with all nieces and nephews over 3 and my husband and I.  We all ended up in a big pile in the middle.
  • Teaching the older kids how to jump off the roof onto the tramp.  The kids loved me for it but their parents cursed my name for a while.
  • Daniel (age 2) beating Jake (age 8) and Andrew (age 10) in a wrestling match.
  • Playing keep-away, colors and sharks and minos in the pool.
  • Clara sitting right on Rachel’s dinner.  And Rachel being heart-broken about it.
  • Rachel asking if my black toe nail went to heaven when it died.
  • Daniel screaming, “I want ice-cream.  I want chicken,” in the middle of the night while we were all camping in the best family tents we could find on short notice, in a trailer park.
  • My Ester learning all the names of her cousins.
  • Piling so many people on the hammock that it broke twice.  We laughed so hard out there together.
  • Many competitive games of capture the flag.  All the moms with babies were assigned to sit and guard the flag and yelled for help whenever someone got close.
  • Cami, my sister, making an impressive goal over Brinley (age 5) in our family soccer game.

I know I could go on forever.  So the real question is what benefits come from this time spent together.  And is it worth blowing your savings to buy flights to Idaho, 2 day car rides with a one year old and a two-year old, camping when you are 9 months pregnant, and everyone getting each other sick?  That is a serious and valid question.  But I argue that for kids and adults alike relationships, trust, comfort, friendships, security, memories, laughter, fun and play are all priceless and worth more than any inconvenience.