alphabet games - sidewalk chalkYou’ll love playing the Alphabet Game! It’s great for learning or for getting some exercise.

Steps To Do Alphabet Races:

  • Find an enclosed space at least 5ft by 5ft. (I like the idea of drawing a big circle on your driveway with chalk and using that).
  • Put each letter of the alphabet randomly in the circle, facing up.  (If you are a mom of young kids you probably have alphabet flash cards, magnets, or bath toys.  If not you could make your own with paper or break out the scrabble game and use those letters.)
  • Get in 2 teams.
  • One person to run in the circle and pick up the letters and everyone else to guide them from the outside of the circle.
  • Start the timer.
  • The selected person from each team will start with A and go alphabetically down to Z by either touch the letter or pick it up, depending on how hard you want it to be.
  • The other teammates gather around and try to tell the person in the circle where the next letter is. Games with the alphabet - Matt and Sarah
  • Stop the time when you get to Z.
  • The next team tries to beat their time.

You can do this over and over again trying different strategies.

So what? This is a game that I actually played as a teenager, but I think it is ideal for little ones.  I love it for kids around 4-6 who know the alphabet and can really catch on to the point of the game.  It can be an alphabet review game or it can be a strategy working together with a team game.  So either you play for a little competition or for some intellectual stimulation for the kids, it is a great family involved game.