• Everyone chooses their own category. Ex: colors, desserts, sodas, cars, sports, games, pizza toppings...
  • I think SKIPBO cards work the best but I am sure you could use UNO cards or face cards or whatever.
  • Each person gets a card placed in front of them.
  • The dealer will place one card on top of your card going in a circle.
  • At any time if someone has the same number as you on the top of their pile you verse each other. Meaning you race to say something in the other person's category before they say something in your category.
  • Whoever says an appropriate item that has not been used yet in the game of the other person's category first will win the match. The loser of the match will take the entire pile that the winner has in front of them.
  • The game continues until all of the cards in the deck have been distributed.
  • The person with the biggest pile at the end of the game looses.

You may have heard of the game categories played in a swimming pool, this one is a little different.  I played this for the first time last week and loved it!  It is not a little kid game but would be fun with your older kids or teenagers.

So What?  This game shows how you react under pressure.  Each person kind of takes on a strategy to succeed.  Some people might get a little physical, others will get loud, and some will just freeze.  It is an interesting thing to know about yourself and your family members.  It also brings out a good amount of laughter.  It is a memory creator.

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