Make Your Own Piggy Bank

Make Your Own Piggy Bank - PinkWe are so excited to have Michelle as our Guest Blogger today!  She is totally a super mom and has some amazing ideas of fun things to do with your family.  If you haven’t checked out her awesome site, you should definitely head on over!  Here she is:

Hello! I’m Michelle from Fun On A Dime and really excited to be over here on Play with Your Family! Like Brittany and Sarah, I too studied Recreation at Brigham Young University (some years earlier 😀 ) and came to see the true value of play and having fun, especially with one’s family and loved ones. This perspective changed my life and was my inspiration for me to sart my site. If you are looking for some inexpensive fun for the whole family, you should come over and check out the fun we are having. There are a lot of yummy recipes, crafts, games and many more fun ideas to keep you and your children busy and spending great quality time together. Come join the fun every Friday for Hi-5 Friday and show off any fun you have been having with your family, crafts, tips or anything else that deserves a Hi-5!

Fun On A Dime


Like most children, my kiddos love to “collect” money…any money that they can find! The only problem we had is that they did not have a place of their own to keep it. We had a ton of Gatorade bottles and had recently made a pinata, so we tried to combine the two into a couple of piggy banks. We all think they turned out great and the kids L.O.V.E. them! They were very inexpensive to make and the kids loved taking part in the process to create them.

What You Need:

  • Gatorade quart sized bottle (one with a wide mouth)
  • Paint
  • Knife
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Googley eyes (optional)
  • Permanent marker
  • Clear acrylic protective finish spray
  • Empty egg carton – the cardboard-ish type
  • Glue or tape (hot glue gun is what I found worked best/quickest)
  • Newspaper, white paper, Flour – supplies to make the hard outside of the pig (from the pinata tutorial)


Step 1: Clean and dry the bottle. Try to get the wrapper off as much as possible.

I know it is hard to see, but this is the hole we made for one of the banks.Step 2: Cut a slit/hole in the bottle near the back for the money. You want to make the hole long enough and wide enough for the money to easily go in the bottle. If you make the hole too large, don’t worry! You can fix that when you cover the bottle in the wrapping process.

Step 3: Prep your bottle for a piggy makeover! Use the egg carton to create legs and ears for your piggy. We forgot to add ears to the blue pig and I think it looked fine. We also used tape to hold the legs on one pig until we wrapped it and the other we used a hot glue gun to secure the legs on. Either worked fine, the glue gun was easier and kept it in place better. Make sure you balance out the legs on the pig, too. If you look at the finished picture of the blue pig, you can see that the legs are off balance. It gives it a little personality, right? =-)

Step 4: Wrap your pig! Follow the quick drying pinata instructions with these 3 tips/variations You can do 2 layers of newspaper (or even one, but it helps to do 2 to make sure the legs are secure.) For the 3rd layer (the last layer) use white paper. Feel free to take breaks in between layers, if the kiddos need it. You really can not ruin it.

Homemade Piggy Bank

Step 5:Let it dry completly. I found it dried quickest with the nose down. We made one pig in the Fall and one during the Winter and I expected the one in the Winter to take a long time to dry, but I was wrong. Note: The pigs do take a little longer to dry than the pinata with a balloon in it.

We used a popsicle stick for one of the pigs to hold the money slit open, but it didn’t really seem to make a difference.

Step 6: Once dry paint the pig your favorite color! And don not forget to paint the nose, too!

Step 7: When everything is dry, paint your accents…ears, nose holes and eyes (if your not using googly eyes). You can also use a permanet marker instead. Tip for the Nose: Screw the nose on tightly and then mark your desired spots for the 2 nose circles otherwise your nose may be crooked.=-)

Step 8: Spray the entire pig and nose with acrylic clear protective spray. Let it dry.

Step 9:Make a squigly tail by wrapping a pipecleaner around your finger or a pencil and then attach it to the tale to the rump of the pig with glue (or a hot glue gun). Cut the length done if it is too long. see picture in step 7 on the far right picture

Step 10: Cut your money slit into your piggy. Touch up the outside, if necessary.

Step 11: Add googley eyes.

Step 12: Add money and Enjoy! My kids love to do this over and over again.