• So What: I like this game because of the risk that's involved. A really good hider might be able to stay untagged forever, but if she wants to set someone free, she will have to take a risk to help them. What are some positive risks we might need to make in our lives. Maybe making a friend or trying something new that we don't know if we'll succeed in yet. These type of risks are sometimes scary but letting your kids practice in this fun setting might just set the stage for some positive risk taking!

With fall upon us, I can’t  help but want to be outside in the evening soaking in the cool weather.  I LOVE the changing of the colors and being able to wear a light sweater.  I love taking walks when you are not too hot and not too cold.  Fall may be my favorite season.  One of my favorite things about fall as a kid was playing “Spotlight” outside.  Some of you may know something similar called flashlight tag but I’ll explain our rules!

One person is IT and they are the only one with a flashlight.  You must create boundaries either around a building or just section off a specific area.  Make sure everyone knows the boundaries and then have everyone but the person who is IT go and hide.  After the IT counts to about 50 they can start looking.  When they see someone they must say “Spotlight on Janie” if Janie is your name.  If the person is indeed Janie than they are caught and have to come hold on to the back of IT’s shirt.  If you have actually have the light on Tom and you just think it’s Janie or can’t remember Tom’s name (how embarrassing) then Tom gets to try and run away before you figure out who he is and say, “Spotlight on Tom.”  The IT person keeps going around trying to Spotlight everyone and as he does, they start making a line behind IT all holding onto the shirt of the person in front of them.

Here is the best part.  Those who have not been caught can try to sneak up to the line and “free” someone who has been caught.  To do this they must come up and touch that person and say “your free.”  Then you both try to sneak away without IT knowing.  If you do, you are free!  But if he turns and Spotlight you, you may both end up in line.

Usually no on ever gets everyone and so you need to set a time limit so that IT doesn’t have to be IT forever.  We usually say 20-30 minutes dependin gon their age and stamina.  :)  Let someone else have a turn being IT and start over!

by staceycastiglione