Vampire Tag

Oh this game is so much fun I am getting excited just explaining it!  Vampire tag must be played in the dark, as you could probably guess.  It works well in a house with all the lights off or even in an open area outside as long as there are places to hide.

Rules For Vampire Tag:Vampire Tag - Play With Your Family

  • Everyone hides except the first vampire.
  • The vampire counts to 30 and then goes seeking after it’s victims.  As the vampire is walking around it must make a vampire noise…I usually like a “huooo…huooo…huooo” deep grunting noise but to each vampire their own.  As long as you are making noise, you are good.
  • When the vampire finds someone the person hiding has to let out their best blood curdling scream and then they are a vampire as well and join the hunt.
  • The last person to be found (or not found) wins and is the first vampire next time.

We played this at a family reunion and it was SO much fun.  With all the screaming and vampire noises running around, most people give their positions away from too much laughter!

So What?  Laughter really is the best medicine!  In a family, laughing can help to break down barriers and provide positive memories that are fun to talk about later.  It’s also important to be willing to be silly in front of your kids.  When they know you’re willing to play around, you let them know that you can be understanding on their level when they need to talk to you.  You become a safe person to share their feelings with. Have fun Playing Vampire Tag!