A Simple Life Simple Gifts Simple

I have always loved that folk song.  It rings true to me every time I sing it in my head.  I like it so much I have wanted it to hang on my wall.

Lately, though defiantly not sought after, I have learned some life lessons from living simply.  You see we are in an “in between apartment” while we wait to move into our longer term home that is still being built.  We have been here for a month and a half now, much longer than expected, with only the essentials.  We do not have a couch, tv, warm clothes, a real bed… you name it.  We have been forced to live very simply.

Even though I have complained about the bare walls and empty house, I have learned a few things.

  • Kindness Of Others:  There has been a few people who have been so generous and caring toward us.  They have lent us toys, invited us over to get out of the apt, offered kitchen gadgets and more.  People are good and thoughtful.
  • Focusing On Family:  I have focused completely on my little girl and our relationship during the day.  This time is a blessing.  It is just me and her and nothing to distract us from each other.  We play, laugh and explore together, she is my buddy.  And then at night, daddy just joins in.  My relationship with my daughter, with my husband, and with my husband to my daughter have all been strengthened by simply focusing on each other more and not on all the stuff we have to do and take care of.
  • Community Events:  There is a lot of family friendly things to do in your community if you are really searching.  I mean lets start with the library.  That place can entertain for hours if you need it to.  There is story time, craft time, movie time, and then a lot of free time to read books with your child.  Then there are city parks to explore and new stores.  I have loved walking down a strip mall learning about new things and teaching my daughter new words as we window shop.  There has been endless amount of Halloween activities to attend.  Even small businesses and stores will put on a small Holiday something to get new customers to come in.  Find out about this stuff, it is great!

My “Simple” Theory

Less: less stuff, less work, less stress, less debt.  A life with Less becomes a life of  more.  More: more time, more satisfaction, more balance, more security. When we have too much, we savor nothing. When we choose less, we regain our life and can think and feel deeply. Ultimately, a life of less connects us with true happiness. So I guess what I am saying is:  Even though I am being forced to be simple, my life is better because of it.  What can you simplify in your life? Think about it while listening to Yo Yo Mah and Simple Gifts.