Hey we’re Risa and Steph and we run Paisley Interiors. Sometimes in life you just need inspiration. And others might need you to inspire them. We formed Paisley Interiors to keep our creative sides flowing, while inspiring others to design according to their needs, wishes, and unique style. We do this through actually crafting the pins we find on Pinterest. We have an addiction. It’s a pretty bad one at that. And we figured that to justify the amount of time Pinterest takes from our lives, we needed to let those pins inspire us.

We are so excited that Brittany asked us to be guests on her blog today! We love Brittany. She’s a model mom, creative crafter, wonderful wife, and fabulous friend. Some days you just need Brittany time, and it’s a shame we don’t all live right next door to each other! We decided to focus on design ideas that we use to bring our family together, since that’s what Brittany and Sarah focus on every day: family. 

I, Stephanie, received my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and had the fabulous opportunity to work with amazing designers in Southern California. My favorite project, to date, was this lovely home we designed for a family in Balboa, CA. I loved the family we designed the home for! My first tip is to create your own UNIQUE design. Everyone has their own style, and it’s okay that you love a lamp that your neighbor doesn’t!

 And if you want that antler chandelier, go for it! The great thing about your home is that it’s yours! And the more comfortable you are in it, the happier your family will be. My second tip is to let your children have some say in the design. If they want a lime green pillow with orange sheets and a pink bedspread, bite your tongue and let them explore their creativity. And this goes for your spouse as well. Isn’t it easy to treat strangers better than family? Don’t forget that your spouse can have a say, and when you show sincere interest in their desires and unique creativity, the more they will grow and bloom. And isn’t that what we want?
My third tip is to enjoy the journey! Design conundrums last moments, but family lasts forever! Enjoy the discussions and decisions and find comfort in the fact that all decor can be changed if it doesn’t turn out how you had envisioned.
I, Risa, feel that when decorating your home the focal point tends to be the walls, and what’s on them.  You can put up great curtains, have a fantastic headboard, or an amazing rug, but what visitors really notice is what you’ve put on your walls.  Our walls show what we value.  I’ve heard that a so called design rule is to put art on the walls and not photographs of the people who live there.  This might make sense as you see the people who live in your home all day every day, but that’s who your home is for.  We put so much work, time, money, and energy into making our homes look good, shouldn’t they reflect what we value?  I’m not saying I don’t value art, I do!  I grew up with paintings on the walls, but the best part of my living room is the huge installation of pictures of my little family.  It’s the first thing people notice and the one thing in our home everybody loves.  It shows that we value each other.  

In other areas I have pictures of Christ, because I value my relationship with my Savior.  I also have several maps on the walls.  I don’t value maps, but I value my husband and he LOVES maps, so they’ve been gifts to him for different special days.  Putting maps on our walls has been my way of saying to him that I love him and value him and I’m putting things he likes on the walls to show him that love.  

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