Glitter Toes

glitter toes - glitter bottles - photo by Donna FranceOn this glorious Friday I had to share a post about Glitter Toes!  (More of a girly post today :)  Many of you have probably seen them all over the place, especially on the west coast, but these cute tootsies are REALLY expensive if you go to get them done at a salon.  My mom loved the look of them and decided she could create her own homemade glitter toes!   All you need are a few things….

Any kind of fine glitter but we think Martha Stewart Fine Glitter looks the best!

You also need clear nail polish, some paper plates, toothpicks, paper towels, and a space free of little hands!  (Hard to come by at my house!)

glitter toes - rocks

All you do is paint a coat of clear nail polish on your nail and then gently sprinkle the fine glitter over it while it’s still wet.  Tap your nail to get off the excess glitter and use the toothpick to clean up the edges.  Do this over a paper towel or a paper plate so you can pour the excess glitter back into the bottle.  When the first coat with the glitter on top has dried, paint a second layer of clear polish over the glitter.  When that is dry I like to do a third coat of clear just for good measure and wallah…

So What?  I LOVE glitter toes because they are so cute but mostly because my mom does it for me every time we come to her house.  She has done glitter toes for so many people and there is something about working with someone’s feet that just says, “I love you.”  My mom loves serving other people and this is just one fun way she let’s us know we are special to her and we deserve to be pampered every once in a while!