Halloween Party

Halloween Party Haunted Houses

My high school group of girl friends  throw a stellar Halloween party every year.  The games, food, stories, costumes, treats… have all become tradition to me now.  Here are some ideas of how it could go down:

Halloween Party Activities:

  • Halloween Party Food:Bobbing for Apples
  • Eating Donuts off a string
  • Carving Pumpkins
  • Monster Mash
  • Costume Walkway/Judging
  • Haunted Houses (this one is my favorites) Decorating Halloween Haunted Houses is similar to making ginger bread houses at Christmas time.  We just use graham crackers and frosting to make the house.  Then we decorate with all kinds of orange and black candy and different colors of frosting.  We usually build these houses on teams.  My favorite part of this is telling the ghost story about the house when we are all done.  Each house has a story of what happened on Halloween night, and we take turns telling our spooky stories in the dark with a flashlight.
There are so many absolutely adorable ideas for food.  I would go crazy if I tried to show you all of them.

bobbing for apples Halloween game

  • Halloween Soup
  • Minestrone
  • Witches Brew
  • Bread sticks

Halloween Party Games:

I decided to let others explain these games to you this time.