I love family traditions.  I think there is something so uniting and exciting about a family looking forward to doing a tradition together.  Traditions usually go hand in hand with Holidays but Halloween not as much.  Does your family have Halloween traditions?  Mine doesn’t really yet but I am looking for some great ideas.  Here is some stuff that I thought was fun:

  • Trick or Treating picture scavenger hunt:  this one I thought would be fun for older kids or teenagers who don’t really trick or treat anymore.  Instead they could still dress up and go out with their friends or family and maybe get some candy, but try to find a list of costumes or group of people and have their picture taken with them.   Ex. a pumpkin costume with a real pumpkin, 3 witches together, all the princesses….
  • Halloween Dinner Party:  I know some families that go all out with this.  Everything they eat is creepy halloweeny.  I have seem some make a menu and you have to pick your meal not really understanding what it is.  For example:  witch fingers are bread sticks, monster droppings can be salad or jello, zombie brains is spaghetti…
  • Witches Brew:  Kids love this.  Have all the ingredients labeled and let them pour it in the caldron.  Be sure to get dry ice to add to the effect.  Try this recipe, or this one with lime sherbet, or this one because it would look so cool!
  • Stroll through the neighborhood:  In preparation, create a list of several items that they might see while on a walk through your neighborhood — a pumpkin, witch, skeleton, and scarecrow, for instance — and then illustrates them with sketches so the little ones can play too.  Check this one out at familyfun.com  
  • Great Pumpkin who takes the left over candy:  I loved these ideas from familyfun.com too.  Your family can offer up excess treats to the Great Pumpkin. After trick-or-treating when your kids come home with about 10 pounds of candy they can eat their share that night and then pack a small sandwich bag with their favorite sweets. The rest of the candy goes into a container in front of the fireplace. While the kids sleep, the Great Pumpkin takes the loot to a local food bank and leaves a small toy for each child.
  • Sugar Witch: Think of a Tooth Fairy who collects candy instead of teeth. Sometime after Halloween, the witch calls the  house when no one is home and leaves a message for the kids asking them to leave a bag of candy on the front step. In exchange, she leaves him a little token, usually a toy car, and a thank-you note.
  • Halloween Hide and Seek: Where homes are far apart and trick-or-treating can be an exhausting, if not impossible task. one family has hosted a Halloween party that starts with games and crafts and culminates with a much-anticipated combo hide-and-seek, treat-or-treat game. While the kids are inside making their loot bags, the parents, armed with treats to dole out, sneak into the large yard and hide. The kids count to 50 and then go in search of the parents. The kids stick together during the hunt, yelling “trick or treat!” and collecting goodies each time they find a parent.
What are your family Halloween traditions?  Please share!