So last week was one of THOSE weeks.  I’m sure you’ve all had them and you know what I mean.  Maybe there’s no specific reason to be in a bad mood and maybe there are 1,000 reasons that have led you to this altered and less desirable state.  Nothing seemed to be working to get me out of my funk.  After trying numerous remedies I finally decided to buckle down and plan something super fun to do…..and……I came out totally triumphant.  I am not lying.  It was amazing.  My little guy and I went with some friends to a big farm.  We slid down slides, fed the goats, got attacked by hungry chickens.  It was SO fun and I was again reminded of the power that family recreation can have!

Here’s us going down the slide!  They were on this big hill that was a blast to go down.  It was almost like a big sheet of slim PVC pipe attached to the hill, which I think would be so fun to create in your back yard if you had a hill!  (And I’d say much cheaper than a play set.)
The boys loved feeding the goats.  Their little tongues tickled their fingers and my little guy was laughing and laughing.  There’s something about kids and animals that is so much fun!

As for the chickens (as I’m sure you are wondering) one cute little chicken was pecking around when suddenly he pulled a cracker out of this little cutie’s hand.  We distracted him with other food until a whole swarm of chickens came jumping on the table and wanting to be fed.  We eventually had to chase them all off, running around and “buck, buck”ing at them.  (Not sure if the bucking did any good but it was hilarious.)  We finally got rid of most of them and we are hoping our boys do not grow up with a fear of chickens!  :)

This trip really did change my week around.  One of the reasons is a little thing called endorphins.  Here’s a fun little science lesson that I promise returns to recreation!  Endorphins are produced by the pituitary gland during exercise, excitement, consumption of spicy food, love, and a few other things.   They produce a feeling of well-being which is exactly what happened at the farm!  Recreation definitely produces excitement and usually exercise, not to mention many times producing outdoor exposure, laughter, and an all around good time.  With these all combined, there is no way you wouldn’t come out of any recreational activity with a brain swarming with endorphins!

Today my family challenge is a little remedy.  When you find yourself, or your kids, having a tough day, pull out a little recreation!

It might just start being the best medicine!