Family Traditions: November Family Challenge – Create A New Family Tradition

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November Family Challenge: Create A New Family Tradition

Create A New Family Tradition

Whether it’s a food you always have, a game you always play, people you share the day with, day after traditions, I mean maybe even the way you set the table.  Family traditions bring us together.  Think of your favorite family tradition right now… are you smiling?  Do you feel love, comfort, happiness, warmth?  I sure do.   It is a powerful way to unite your family.

My Family Traditions

My family plays football together on Thanksgiving.  Rain, snow or sunshine, we are in the backyard with a ball.  Sometimes we play 2 on 2, but usually we can get a good game of at least 5 on 5.  My 2 brothers are usually the QBs on opposite teams.  Whoever is on Ben’s team usually wins because if his team is failing him, he just makes the touchdowns by himself.  Emi is fisty, Bri is quick, Cami uses distraction methods (like jokes) to get her points, Tia just makes us laugh, and the nieces and nephews always pull some trick plays.  Nothing says family time like a good game of football in the backyard.  Oh I love it so so much I just can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

I am so anxious to hear your family traditions and the way it strengthens your family.  I am always looking for a new tradition to start because new traditions bring new excitement in the family and new unity while doing it.

Family Traditions - Playing Football With My Family At Thanksgiving

Family Traditions – Playing Football With My Family At Thanksgiving

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