Gratitude Activities and Thankful Games For Thanksgiving

A Gratitude Activity is fitting for this month right?  My husband and I just made goals of how we were going to make this whole month a thankful month.  We had many ideas of how to bring gratitude into our home, but we did not think of playing a game.  Say what? you did not think of playing a gratitude game??? So here is a fun gratitude activity we started playing.

You could do this around the table at Thanksgiving, but I suggest doing it on a weeknight before Thanksgiving with your family.  Most families already say what they are grateful for on Thanksgiving, so why not give another opportunity?

Here is how you play this fun Thankful Game:

  • Everyone in the circle needs 2 small pieces of paper and a sheet of paper.
  • Simply write one thing you are grateful for on each slip of paper.
  • Put them all in the bowl.
  • Pass the bowl around and have each person pick one piece of paper out of the bowl and read it out loud.
  • Then everyone writes on their sheet of paper what it is and who they think put it in the bowl.
  • Keep going until all the papers are gone.
  • Then see who got the most right.

If we did this in my family, my brother Brian would put the crazy “out there” answers, my brother Ben would put the answers that made others feel awkward, Steve and Jeff would put funny answers and John would put heart-felt sincere answers.

Gratitude Activities Have Benefits

Gratitude Activities and Thankful Games

This is a way to show gratitude without being so serious.  This game will bring a very positive feeling into the home.  It will let you get to know your family members by finding out what they are grateful for but also figuring out their personality and strategy.  Is your son funny, sincere or a tricker?  This game is great to facilitate other conversations as well.  Go with it.  Just be together and don’t worry about it if you are playing right or what the rules are.
Try it, be creative, make it work for your family, and let us know how it goes.