I have had a few different influences this last week that have inspired this post.  I have felt empowered, strengthened, and humbled as I have listened to others solicit the power of one voice.  I have a voice.  What am I using it for?

First from Elder Jeffery Holland who speaks to my soul time after time.  He recently said, “I ask for a stronger and more devoted voice, … a voice for good, a voice for the gospel, a voice for God.”  He discusses how the adversary’s voice is so active and loud.  All they need us to do is not speak up.  Just tolerate or ignore the voices shouting against good or against the family and we let them win.  “Open your mouth and speak miracles,” he challenges.

Next was Lloyd Newell who is a public speaker, consultant, and writer.  He talked about strong families.  He said it is our moral duty to stand strong for families as part of a free society.  There are many who are fighting against families, we need more to fight for.  He suggests we don’t apologize or sugar coat our feelings, but let others know we feel strong about family.  He talked about one, the voice of one, that can unite, strengthen, give courage and push others in the same cause.  We can easily be that one by telling your friends how much you want a big family, by not supporting media that suggests otherwise, by helping your friends fight through a divorce….   He quoted Senator Liberman by saying,  “we need your voice, the world needs your voice.”

Next, I listened to the Eyres who said when standing for the family first let your religious beliefs be shared as a foundation.  Then you can understand one another and why family matters to you.  I learned that when discussing family with those who do not share our views, love is always needed.  If you do not know how to treat a son that has gay intentions, or a daughter who wants to focus on her career and not on having a family-Love more.  Love more is always need and is always the answer.

Last was Dr J. from the Ruth Institute.  She is an amazing example of finding from experience the essential nature of father/mother families and dedicating her life to having a voice.

I learned at the Strengthening the Family conference that I participated in last weekend that for every 1 pro-family group that is created, there are 3000 anti-family groups.  These groups can vary greatly from pro-abortion, to pro gay marriage, to anti over populating the earth.  I also learned that in promoting an anti-family society we are literally self destruction ourselves.  Strong families = strong societies.  The rates of divorced parents, same-sex parents, or single parents, or just cohabiting parents are getting higher and the rates for their children are getting lower, lower GPA, high crime, high drug, low high school grads (I will give the actual stats in a later post).

I am committed to strengthening the family.  Playwithyourfamily.com is my voice.  Please hear it, share it, and add to it.

What is your voice?