I am no expert on New Years.  I’m usually a little disappointed in my party skills every New Years.   I think to myself, “wow that was lame.”   Our family traditions consist of eating 7 layer bean dip and banging a pan at the strike of 12.

Luckily I married into a family that throws a great New Years Eve party for their teenagers every year.  They serve breakfast at midnight!  I mean how cool is that to a group of teenagers.  Usually my mother in law encourages them to go to the big dances and new year parties until about 11:30.  Then like 50 of them come for the final count down and breakfast.  They watch the ball drop in New York and drink pop out of wine glasses.  There are a group of adults in the kitchen cooking pancakes, eggs, hash-browns, orange juice….  I love this idea for several reasons:

  • Your kids are home away from the crazies on New Years.  It is not smart to be driving or out and about after midnight on such a party night.
  • It gives you a chance to get to know the friends your kid hangs out with.  You probably already know their best friends but these might be school friends or sports friends you do not know as well.
  • Your child gets to be in the spotlight.  Some teenagers totally hate this I know, but I think it is a confidence booster for them to know they can throw a fun successful party and people want to come to their house.
  • Without actually supervising, you can supervise what crazy thing they try to do on New Years.  Provide them with ping-pong, or Wii, or cards to entertain themselves for an hour or so after midnight.
  • You know if your kid gets a New Years kiss at midnight 😉