Candy Sled Races Are Fun Christmas Traditions

Alright, get ready for the funnest Christmas tradition EVER!  This is a newer tradition in our family but we have been doing it for a few years now and every year it is such a blast.  Now, when you think of sled races you are probably thinking snow and cold, BUT NO.  Picture candy, stairs, yelling, screaming, prizes, fun.  Now you have the idea.

To start out you need to make sure you have jumbo candy bars for everyone.  My mom always makes it a little more exciting by putting in a golden ticket under the sleeve of one.   The person who has the golden ticket gets a prize at the start…sweet!

You take your jumbo candy bar and have an array of candy laid out on the table.  You need to make sure you include candy canes for the rudders of the sleds.  Other than that, you can pretty much use any candy that you have!  With hot glue guns, glue on your rudders and then glue your candy on the top in any strategic way you want.  When you are all complete and satisfied that your sled might be the fastest, you are ready to race.

Candy Sled Races

My dad is always the person at the top of the stairs so there are no disputes on how the cars took off.  (This is serious business in my family.)  You need to spread a tarp over the stairs and you need people holding it tight at the top and bottom. One year we actually made a race track out of cardboard with my brother and sister in law and their kids.  I think the boys had just as much fun constructing the track as they did racing cars.

Anyways, you can make up a bracket any way you want or you can put different kids in categories if you have a large group such as 1-10, 11-18, 19-100!  (And I’m not exaggerating about 100, my grandpa and grandma won last year!)  Two cars at a time start at the top.

Candy Sleigh Races

My dad places them at the top of the stairs behind a big ruler, then on three he lets them go and they race to the bottom.  Sometimes you win by a landslide but sometimes it’s pretty close.  You might need to designate a judge and do-over are ok.

Make sure to line the bottom of the stairs with pillows so you cars don’t break.  After you go through the bracket, we usual give awards to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and the booby prize to the biggest loser.  I’m telling you, this is the funnest Christmas activity ever!  So start your engines!!!