Christmas Traditions: Indoor Snowball Fight With Marshmallows

This is one of our favorite family traditions.  I love having marshmallow fights at Christmas because it’s a blast for all ages.  I think every single person in the whole world would have fun having an indoor snowball fight with marshmallows.  I mean you get something sweet, something active, some competition, some giggles, and maybe some revenge.  It is awesome!  We do this every year after our more reverent program about Christ (kids can only sit still for so long).

It is just so dang fun!  We use to wear goggles when we played because it hurts when you get hit in the face and could do damage if you have brothers like mine.  Now we have braved up a little and just handle the pain.  We also use to all have hiding places in the house and run around like army men.  Now we pick our spot in the same room and stay there.  That could be strategic, but mostly it is just lazy :)

For an Indoor Snowball Fight With Marshmallows You will need:

  • a bag of miniature marshmallows
  • marshmallow shooters ( we took a 1/2 inch PVC pipe and cut all different lengths, just so you can comfortably hold it in your hand, but also get some umph).   If you want to get fancy check this out, if you want to get cute check this out.
  • opponents
  • a great mom that will let you shoot marshmallows in her house somewhere

Really this game has no rules.  Ok I take that back- no slobbering on the marshmallows.  Nothing is worse than getting a wet marshmallow stuck to your forehead. Gross.

Have a fun Marshmallow Fight!