December Family Network Challenge – Bringing Christ into Christmas

My favorite part of the Christmas season is the feeling of love that seems to overcome so many.  People are more giving, more friendly, they laugh easier, and are more willing to strike up a Christmas conversation with a stranger.  I believe that this is because of the spirit of Christmas that unconsciously ensues because we are celebrating of birth of our Lord and Savior.

One of my most memorable Christmas’s was when I was in high school.  My parents had decided a few years ago that instead of just reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve, that we would actually act upon the example of Jesus and do service.

Bring Christ into Christmas - December Family ChallengeOne year we dropped off cookies to all of our friends, another year we visited an older couple who were by themselves for Christmas, but this year was the best.  We had a young family in our church who’s father had just lost his job.  They had to move in with family and we had heard that they were not going to be having much of a Christmas this year.  Instead of buying more things for each other, we took the money we would have used on more gifts and bought things for their kids.  Especially being older, we all had so much fun buying toys, movies, clothes, and candy for these little kids and imagining which would be their favorite.

By the time we were done, we had a big bag full of presents.  We went back to our house and wrapped them all, writing the names of the children on each present.  We went at night and snuck up to the house to drop off the presents.  Then, in true teenage fashion, we rang the doorbell and darted down the street.  We flew into the car and my parents sped off.  A few minutes later we drove by with the lights off to make sure they had taken the bag in.

The next Sunday the father came up to the front of the church in tears.  He publicly thanked whoever had done such a great service for his family and said that this was the best Christmas their family had ever had.  We beamed quietly in our chairs and I will never forget the feeling of love that came over me.  The feeling that I could be better than I was, that I was meant to help others, and that Christmas is about giving.  I am so thankful for the example of my parents that pointed me to Christ each Christmas.

December Family Challenge - Bring Christ into Christmas

December Family Challenge – Bring Christ into Christmas

  • The Walter’s pick a family member each week of December and secretly serve who they picked the whole week.  At the beginning of the next week they pick another name and serve someone else.  It brings a great spirit to their home!
  • The McEwen’s have a manger that is set out with a bag of straw next to it.  As the children do service, they put a piece of straw in the manger.  Their goal is to fill the manger on Christmas Eve so that baby Jesus can be placed in it.
  • The Campbell’s have a great book called, I Believe in Santa Claus, by Diane G. Adamson.  It talks about the similarities between Santa and Jesus.  It’s a perfect way for little ones to make the connection.
  • The Milne’s have each of their children dress up as a character in the Christmas story and then act in out on Christmas Eve.

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